Level 5 is aimed at A-level and BTEC (Key Stage 5) pupils covering topics including careers, online gambling and online dating.

Topics reinforced:​​

  1. Stranger danger​

  2. Social media content sharing, bullying and family impact

  3. Gaming behaviour

New Topics:

  1. Online gambling

    • Risks - capital and relationships

    • Case studies

    • Tips on how to avoid addiction

    • Where to get help

  2. Online dating

    • Benefits

    • Risks - stranger danger

  3. Renting Accomodation

    • Platforms and risks​

    • What to lookout for

  4. Careers

    • Online presence impact

    • Profile review tips​

All our student workshops are available for a full or half day and are best delivered to classes of up to 30 students. A certificate will be awarded to all students who complete a workshop (short course certification for half day workshops).