Our entry level course for Key Stage 2 pupils (Years 3 and 4).

More advanced than our Level 1 course, this expands on the cyber bullying and stranger danger work but also introduces the basics of computer viruses.


Topics reinforced:​

  1. App use​

    • Payments on apps - parental consent

  2. Stranger danger

    • Keeping personal information safe

  3. Cyber bullying

    • What is cyber bullying?

    • How can we prevent cyber bullying?

New Topics:

  1. Computer viruses

    • What are viruses?​​

    • How do you get a virus?

    • How do you avoid getting a virus?

  2. Online profile​

    • Aliases - what are they?

    • Why are aliases important?​

    • How do you set-up your email?

  3. Passwords

    • What are they?​​

    • Why are passwords important?

    • What makes a good password?

    • How to store passwords?

    • Never share your passwords

All our student workshops are available for a full or half day and are best delivered to classes of up to 30 students. A certificate will be awarded to all students who complete a workshop (short course certification for half day workshops).